Our strategy and impact

Read all about the impact of our work and our strategy for 2022.

Our strategy

“As we near the end of our current strategy, 2022 has given us the opportunity to strengthen our position post pandemic and start to understand what our future focus should be to deliver the best outcomes.”

Phil Lee, Chief Executive

Advice and community

We provided expert advice and support via our Helpline to over 9,490 people and extended the service to webchat.

Our impact

“Our services, support, research and public presence continue to make a huge difference to people with epilepsy every day.”

Ann Richardson-Greaves, Director of Services

Influencing and engaging

We took great strides forward in raising epilepsy awareness through the national media, and continued to push for improvements in conversations with key decision makers.

Organisational goals

“As our community, income and profile continue to develop, we’ve also been working on key improvements in other areas. This includes our digital infrastructure and delivering new and innovative services for people with epilepsy.”

Rebekah Smith, Deputy Chief Executive

Celebrate and support

We supported hundreds of people with epilepsy to tell their stories through both traditional and social media and launched the ‘Epilepsy Star awards’.

2022 Trustees Annual Report

Read the detailed trustees annual report.

Jane Riley, Chair Council of Management

Make a difference today

Together, we can help build a better, fairer world for people with epilepsy. With the help of donations, fundraising and our fantastic volunteers we can build a world where no one has to face epilepsy alone. A world where everyone understands the challenges of life with epilepsy.  A world where people get the support they need to reduce their seizures, and maybe even stop them completely.


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